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The Rogues Gallery!

Posted 07-26-2008 at 09:37 PM by Fearless
Updated 07-27-2008 at 12:58 AM by Fearless

Why, hello, and welcome to THE ROGUES GALLERY! No, this isn't about the Flash. I'm leaving that to West (If he wants it...). A weekly blog, this will spotlight villains appearing each week in different comics. Now, be advised: THIS BLOG WILL ALMOST ABSOLUTELY CONTAIN SPOILERS, so, read at your own risk. Now, let's start...

--Amazo made a return appearance in Red Tornado's new body in Justice League of America #23, as he took on nearly all of the League, and even heroes who aren't in the League, those being Zatanna (Not a member for now...), and Vixen (She got kicked out last issue). This issue also included Hal GL action, basically being the one to injure Amazo enough he had to temporarily retreat. This issue also included the appearance of a new villain, a spidey-lookin' guy who, I guess, is controlling the powers of both Vixen and Animal Man, setting up Animal Man and Vixen's team-up next issue. OK, moving on...

--Mongul made a brutal impact in the latest issue of Green Lantern Corps #26 taking on eight Lanterns at once. Though he was defeated, and seemingly died, I doubt he's dead for good. To paraphrase D_A, why would they build him up to knock him down so soon? So, Bzzd's death seems to be in vein, but introduced Mother Mercy to take his place. This could very well lead to Mother Mercy up-rooting herself to take root in her new sector partner, Mogo. Only time will tell. Also, we saw the end of Duel, the newest Sinestro recruit. The end came far too late...

--Two-Face scored his own two-part special (How ironic), Two-Face: Year One, chronicalling his origin. No doubt done about with the promotion of The Dark Knight, it delves into Harvey Dent, Commisioner Gordon, and Batman taking down the criminal underworld. But, the issue also sparks the origin of how Two-Face was born, and has him in full, psychopathic swing by the end of the issue. Only issue 2 will tell if Two-Face's deeds only get worse.

--A mysterious murderer managed to kill off Jonni DC in Ambush Bug: Year None #1, forcing Ambush Bug to dive in and investigate the murder himself. The murder, by the end of the issue, went unsolved, but the killer is still at large, and only the next issue will tell if the killer makes another appearance. Making a villainous appearance as well was Ambush Bug's enemy and magic sock ARGH!YLE!. But, he wasn't the murderer, as far as I can tell.
On a side note, apparently, Phantom Stranger had a bastard kid with Sue Dibny (Before she married Ralph), and countless other women... the count so far is 273 kids. Weird...

So, that's it for this edition of Rogues Gallery. And, as homage to the great villainous minds of DC, I will leave every edition with a piece of artwork of a certain villain. And, seeing the success of The Dark Knight, it seemed only appropriate that the first piece be the Joker:

So, remember, always appreciate the villains. Because without villains, there'd be no heroes.

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  1. Old Comment
    W.West's Avatar
    good idea. Oh, and you should name your blog as a whole so they'll appear under one name.
    Posted 07-26-2008 at 11:13 PM by W.West W.West is offline
  2. Old Comment
    Fearless's Avatar
    Done, and done.
    Posted 07-27-2008 at 12:59 AM by Fearless Fearless is offline
  3. Old Comment
    GLJIMT's Avatar
    Ah who let Hollywood Hogan into this MoFo????
    Posted 07-31-2008 at 02:27 AM by GLJIMT GLJIMT is offline
  4. Old Comment
    I like that you can delete the comments here, I already deleted two of hulksters on my blog
    Posted 07-31-2008 at 11:31 AM by GreenLanternGeek GreenLanternGeek is offline

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