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Green Lantern: Emerald Dawn I (Complete Review)

Posted 05-17-2010 at 05:16 PM by Katatonia
Updated 05-18-2010 at 03:34 AM by Katatonia

After reading through both Emerald Dawn I and II, I have to write a review about them. Since they're pretty epic in their own way. I have to give credit where credit's due, So here it goes...

Emerald Dawn I, Issue #01. Opens up with the catchphrase "The Brightest Day" as it shows the night turn into light. It then cuts into a 2-page like spread showing the air force base where Hal Jordan fly's these planes that he tests. His son looks excited as he gets to see his father in action along with Hal's entire family looking at him. In my honest opinion, I have no idea why the hell his entire family is there seeing him fly when he's been doing that forever. It's like they're acting like they've never seen him actually "fly". Anyways, There's a ton of exposition about Hal flying and going through the directions of the directors so he can take off and do what he does best.

All of the sudden everything goes haywire and Hal's losing complete control of the jet he's in. He tries to do all he can. But falls short and the jet falls straight into a nose dive and explodes. Hal's son looks at that explosion and cry's in tears in fear of losing his father. The next page shows Hal in a bar somewhere and all these test pilots are talking about him. How he got fired by "Old-Man Ferris" for destroying that jet. You know looking at this, In my eyes that's bullshit. Malfunctions can happen at anytime to anyone just because a plane exploded or failed isn't Hal's fault. That could have happened to anyone, They probably just used that crap just to fire him.

Anyways, Hal's sitting in a corner all alone and these guys keep talking shit about him until a girl shows up. That girl is Hal's girlfriend Carol. It seems that his girlfriend Carol is going with another man who's talking shit about him as well. Later on everyone's in Hal's car it appears that Hal's sad, Heart broken and in pain. Since he had so many burdens of losing his job. His love interest leaving him and everything else add to that. Like most guys, He drank his problems away. He thinks to himself on how messed up everything is and loses complete control of his car. His car makes a collision course with other cars and he ends up hitting the billboard "Happy Times".

On the next page it shows Hal waking up in a hospital bed wrapped in bandages. It appears that Hal had killed the nurse's son. The same nurse who was helping him. And all of the sudden Hal's 2-timing bitch girlfriend Carol shows up just to slam the door on him. Hal has a premonition and speaks of "The Sign" saying that it was all because of "The Sign". The next day it show's Hal at the Ferris Aircraft station in a test piloting simulation of some sort. His bitch girlfriend Carol is giving him a guilt trip on why did he leave the hospital and how he should be in jail for harming his friend. In my eyes Carol is a stuck up bitch everyone was drinking so she needs to shut the hell up!

Now it shows Hal trying to follow directions from Biff. But now Hal has a pain in his head. Then it cuts to Carol saying to her father how she's no longer with Hal. Of course, She was with some other chump. And her Rich-Asshole father talks down about Jordan like he's some kind of insect. Then it shows the simulation Hal's in go completely crazy. Then it goes back to how Carol's asshole-father won't stop saying bad things about Jordan. All of the sudden the simulation starts unscrewing itself and moving violently. Biff is telling Hal to quit the simulation and Hal refuses to quit. Biff is also being an asshole with Hal and Hal tells Biff to shut the hell up and let him do what he's there to do.

All of the sudden the simulation breaks free from the holder. Then it cuts back to Carol's asshole father talking about how Hal will never fly even after he's dead. Carol says she hears something. Then it shows the flight simulator literally breaking out and flying from the unit. Then it shows Carol's father saying how "Hal topped himself". All of a sudden a voice is communicating with Hal's mind. Hal thinks it's Biff but he's going into a delusional state. The voice is telling Hal about "Cosmic Order" and explains rules to him. Hal still thinks it's Biff playing tricks with him. Soon after the voice tells Hal about the "Green Lantern Corps" and it shows Hal's plane land by a crash site.

Hal realizes where he is, He says he's at a desert "Hundreds of miles west". Hal thinks he's dreaming. The voice talks to Hal and tells him about "Chaos and Order" and how he must maintain it. A face appears and explains these things to Hal and tells Hal that it's an honor. All of the sudden something goes under Hal and pulls him into that wrecked ship. Just then Hal sees a Green Lantern and this Green Lantern explains to Hal that he is the new Green Lantern and Hal says "The hell I am". This Green Lantern tells Hal that the fate of Sector 2814 relies on him now and he must protect it and made Hal his successor. Hal keeps denying this Green Lantern but the Green Lantern assures Hal he'll be okay.

This Green Lantern tells Hal that "Fear" can be concurred with that ring and make Hal completely fearless. Hal keeps refusing this Green Lantern. The Green Lantern tells Hal that his concerns are not his problem and that the ring has chosen Hal to be his successor. Hal says how he's not the man for the job and I think he's in complete shock. The Green Lantern explains that the ring must be charged every time the earth makes a revolution. The Green Lantern tells Hal to call for the "Power Battery" and it will show up when Hal needs it to charge up. Just then the "Red Guy" as Hal says is crumbling into dust and his ring slides off of his finger and slides onto Hal's finger.

Hal keeps saying "This must be a dream, I'll wake up soon!!" Just then in the next page it shows Hal in the Green Lantern attire and he can't believe it. Hal goes on about a dead alien, The ring, The suit, And how he's gone completely insane. Hal screams "LET ME OUT OF HERE!!!!" And in an instant he's crashing out the top of the ship and flying directly up into the air. Hal can't believe what just happened and gets scared and says "Get me down!!" All of the sudden he flies directly down and crashes into the ground. Hal says "What a rush!" and thinks he's having an hallucination. Hal's flying and can't believe it and says with that ring he can do just about anything he wants.

Hal lands by a telephone booth to call that 2-timing bitch Carol to tell her what has happened. He explains to Carol that the flight simulator had went crazy and it took him somewhere. He tells Carol what's going on but she's still being a bitch. Hal asks about Jack and his family she says they're okay he asked about Andy and she said he's paralyzed. Hal says to himself it was his fault as to why these things happened to Andy and his brother. But he blames everything on the sign that he hit his car too. He finds the sign and says "Its to damn close to the road". Since he has power now he literally flies through it and hits the floor face first on the other side thus being unconscious and ending the first issue.

I gotta say for an opener to re-tell the series. It's pretty damn good. In one single Issue it's completely crazy so many events are happening all at once. Car accidents, 2-timing girlfriends, Assholes, Aliens, Being a new successor, Having power to do anything. I got to admit this is pretty fucking hardcore. Whoever read this at the time, When these Issues came out from Emerald Dawn was probably like flabbergasted at its awesomeness. It has everything happening in the comic at once literally, It's like a mind-rape. Of course if you read the first Issue you have to get the others. Not because the story is great because the writing is superb. And when I talk about superb I mean like these guys literally hands down wrote the story perfect. To do a re-telling of an already told story is very difficult. Because it has to be true to the original but also have it's own thing going on. How Jim Owsley and M.D. Bright wrote this is a testament to how awesome the series would be in the years to follow.

As far as Art and Story Covers and all, I love the sketchy look. I'm a fan of limited colors and vintage looking styles for this series I gotta give it a 10. The story in itself is pro, It's one of those stories that's either a hit or a miss with fans of a certain series. But when you got an all-star cast and legendary comic authors working on this series it's perfect. I give that a 10. It's everything you want in one wicked package to keep you coming for more. And the cover, I give that a 10 as well. Showing how Hal is the Green Lantern and how he came to be is a fuck-win situation. If no one has read Emerald Dawn I, Issue #01. I suggest that you read it ASAP. Buy it, Download it, Steal it. Hold up a comic shop owner. Trust me it's worth it.

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