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No Better Time To Love Comics

Posted 08-06-2008 at 06:58 PM by HonorGuardLantern423

Alright all the recent news about the DCU and beyond has really got me psyched and no one thread could be on topic with so much to talk about, so I decided to utilize the blog feature! So first off the Dark Knight was a great movie and I think it got everyone excited for more. So I want to talk about the WATCHMEN! I personally can not wait for this, I think the guys making it are doing the comic epic justice, my only wish is that Alan Moore would get involved to some extent. The Spirit is also looking great and with Frank Millar behind it, I think it will be a great film and will have the support of the fans. Now video games are something else I enjoy doing(FlamingSatchel, XBL and PSN gamer tag)and Im excited about DC finally stepping it up to make some awesome looking games. MK vs DCU which looks amazing and already has my favorite two characters announced(Flash and GL)is gonna be a groundbreaker for DC getting some of its characters outside of the Trinity some spotlight. Also Jim Lee's DCU mmorpg will be so cool for anybody who reads comics made by DC. They have said it will have all the DCU characters and a lot of Situations straight from comic book story arcs. Kiss all those years of downloaded skins for City of Heroes and Villains to make your character look like DC characters goodbye because this will be an awesome game. Lastly comics of course. Im excited for all things DCU now. Flash Rebirth will be a big thing for me next year. THE BLACKEST NIGHT and all related storylines are something I know everyone on these boards are dying to read. Final Crisis is also going good, and I cant wait to see how the DCU works afterwards. So I believe now comics are finally getting the limelight we always knew they deserved and I know that this is an awesome time to be a comic fan because so many cool things are happening and I love it!!!!! Now I will take a nap!~
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    W.West's Avatar
    you know what? you just gave me an excellent point for my Final Crisis arguments..thx. And yes, it is a good time for comic fans. There are a lot of great books right now and more to come next year.
    Posted 08-06-2008 at 07:36 PM by W.West W.West is offline
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    Andrew NDB's Avatar
    There's been better times... but there's a couple of exciting things afoot, definitely.
    Posted 08-07-2008 at 09:09 PM by Andrew NDB Andrew NDB is offline

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