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Down set one, hut hut hike! Media Blitz

Posted 07-23-2009 at 03:26 PM by mrjasontodd


The con has officially landed. I am infront of the hall c entrance still seething over yesterdays green Hal fail. To those who got one congrats you deserve it!

I am armed with my ticket and have been infront of this door since 6:30 prepared to get one and a yellow when the doors open at 9:30. Good thing I have no shortage of Fall Out Boy albums (yeah,so?)

plans for tonight are possibly the gl movie but def the boom, true blood and cbldf parties.

I also plan on picking up a sdcc green lantern event shirt. It looks so ace. That and the mattel/hasbro lines and that is it for my purchases.

Speakig of which last night there was a prolem with the photobucket app so I coulnt properly get the I age codes wihout the website reloading itself and erasing all I had written. I will find a crafty way of hooking you guys up.

Ontop of bn#1 sketch I have two pages from Shane David and Sandra hope's rage of the red lanterns. The pages where the ones where sinestro was talking to the fur face bro and the next page where he gets blown away. I now own like 18% of the pages from that book.

Just met j_3_h while typing this. Nice guy! Will meet up with him later but this graphitti thing is top on the list.

Will check back in later.
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