“Chronicle” Writer Wants to Write Kyle Rayner “Green Lantern” Movie


The writer of the movie “Chronicle” (which I thoroughly enjoyed), Max Landis, participated in a Redditt AMA(aka a Q&A) and had a few teases to his superhero future and a dropped a Green Lantern gem for us lantern fans.



You can’t go wrong with “E.T.” or “Stand By Me” but apparently you can get Kyle’s name misspelled. Anyway, that’s a nice little nugget to sleep on. Oh, Landis also teased future superhero works, which I first assumed is writing The Fantastic Four reboot, given his past partnership with director Josh Trank. But seeing as Max wants to transition to directing, I think he’s more likely looking at something else. He says “You’ll see,” when asked which superhero he would most like to bring to the big screen. When specifically asked about which film, TV show or character he would most like to reboot given the chance, Landis added, “You’ll know sooner than you think.


Hat tip to ComicBook.com

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