Tales of the Dark Multiverse: Blackest Night Features Tim Seeley Writing White AND Black Lantern Sinestro

Born from the pages of the bestselling event DARK NIGHTS: METAL, the Dark Multiverse continues to play havoc with some of the most memorable events in DC’s comic book history as the publisher announced today two more additions to the TALES FROM THE DARK MULTIVERSE series of prestige format one-shots. 

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DC Comics Announces 3 Issue Miniseries “Green Lantern: Blackstars” by Grant Morrison & Xermanico

Across the DC universe, come November 2019, once-familiar faces wielding Lantern power rings now wear a different uniform and enforce a new type of galactic law. The Green Lantern Corps is dead—long live the Blackstars in a new three-issue miniseries, Green Lantern: Blackstars, by Grant Morrison and Xermanico!

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Effect of online casino on regular in-house casinos

Any one that likes to have a good play on any game in the casino will have sat up to the way games are now offered – or more specifically, casino games which can be enjoyed at www.kingcasino.com.

Take slot machines for example, once absolutely loved by those players in casinos, pubs and arcades, it would make sense then, that here was once where you would find those games.

These gaming choices were also great fun because of the extra tokens of winning that would be taken home, in addition to the form of money and tickets, in casinos then you would also get to win fun little bits and bobs such as key rings, teddy bears and multiple choices of sweet treats to eat.

Age of Online Casinos

Of course in this digital age where everything is accessible to everyone, at least any one with an internet connection anyway, which would be in our world the majority, this has all changed.

And so in more recent times, and in the same way that dish washers overtook hand washers and became a restaurant’s favourite go-to choice, naturally there is a huge effect of online casino on regular in-house casinos.

And just how the online casino took over from regular in-house casinos is pretty clear – in advertising, there is a famous phrase which has been coined for decades that goes: ‘people pay for convenience’, and that is that, with regards to the matter of online casinos vs regular in-house casinos too.

What’s more convenient when you want to play a game than simply logging in, or not if you have chosen to go for the option to have your details be autosaved, in which case it is all there already, and there is a game which has instantaneously popped up at your fingertips?

Certainly not going far from home and visiting a bricks-and-mortar casino, in order to play your favourite game and have a try at playing any new ones.
Reasons that explain how huge effects online casinos on regular in-house casino occurred

Another reason which explains how online casinos have had a huge effect on in-house casinos, and in essence has took over from in-house casinos has to do with how we interact with one another as human beings in this digital age of which we all live.

Though it would be unfair to say we’re an antisocial lot, people, particularly those from the millennial era, prefer screen time to actual face time.

This has been proven, and with social anxiety also on the rise, it’s easy to see why. Some of us love the hustle and bustle of a city, some of us don’t, and the same goes for those of us shoulder-rubbing at a casino or anywhere else where games are played.

But, it’s worth saying that we should make no mistake. Things, even those long gone, always hold a place in whatever world we live in today, even if that place is in history for us to evolve from.


Green Lantern Jessica Cruz: Exceptional Willpower Against her Fears

The Green Lantern Corps, which are a part of the DC Universe for many years possess a power that is given to them by the Green Lantern Rings they wield. The power is exceptional, some might say it is the most powerful weapon in the whole galaxy. Anything can be done only by wearing the most powerful ring in the galaxy.

This ring gives extraordinary abilities like, breathing in space, creating solid objects, just to name a few things from many that are possible with this ring. Kyle Rayner has also created fully functioning legs some time before, completely with willpower. The most important thing that is needed to be eligible for this mighty weapon is unruly willpower. One must believe, so one can create. If uncertainty, fear, or anxiety is present the Green Lantern Ring loses its power. Warriors who have crippling fears or anxiety make a poor choice for such a weapon. Even though that’s true this changed when Jessica Cruz received a Power Ring.

Jessica Cruz had been a witness to the brutal murder of her close companions. She managed to escape, but the event had left deep scars on her psyche. She felt like a coward for not giving them the helping hand and escaping by herself. Full of anxiety, fears, and self-doubt, Jessica locked herself in the house for three years. In this time, The Ring of Volthoom had left its subject and came to Jessica and forced itself on her.

She went through a long journey, Batman helped Jessica conquer her fears. Hal Jordan – who might be played by Tom Cruise in the upcoming 2020 movie – was there to teach her the path to controlling the ring’s power, along with Guy Gardner, a failed football superstar, who joined the corps after injuries stopped him from being one of NFL future wagers. Difficulties arise when it came to making constructs, it was obvious that her willpower wasn’t strong enough. In Green Lanterns: Rage Plant, she overcame her anxieties and fears and helped save the world.

She had such an exhausting and crippling fear, that when she left her house or be anywhere else it would make her skin crawl. However, she remained a warrior. Defeating frightening beasts whose main source of power was the rage. There was a lot of self-doubts and a lot of moments when she wanted to quit, there were moments when there was no hope, however, she came up on top.

Jessica Cruz as a hero and a warrior defeated the inner voices of doubt and low self-esteem and she came out mighty. Her inner thought process of self-doubt and when she started to freeze, but then trying and succeeding to motivate herself to push through took a lot of guts and willpower. The murder of her close companions had really left a deep searing mark on her, but Jessica even in times of self-doubt and fear managed to take a huge leap of step which shows courage and willpower.

She found a way to wield the most powerful weapon in the galaxy, which feeds of willpower and managed to make it reach its potential. With all the excess amount of anxieties and fears, not to mention issues with self-worth, she had been glorious being able to dig deep to overcome something she couldn’t for years.

Even though her willpower was so low before that she couldn’t even create a boxing glove with her ring, she succeeded in creating a construct that abolished the Red Lantern’s tower. Every great hero has a huge story that shows a path full of obstacles. One of the most amazing parts of this story was that Jessica acknowledged her fears and she pushed through gloriously. This story resembles that no matter how hard it might be, a hero will arise in oneself.

Author: Mario Petkovski


DC Animation Legend Bruce Timm Steps Down?


Bruce Timm, who has been guiding the vast majority  of DC animated since the debut of Batman: The Animated Seriesin 1992, has stepped down from his position as producer, initially to have focused his energies on Green Lantern: The Animated Series and, more significantly, to develop some of his own projects. Stepping into his place as supervising producer is James Tucker. I’m still hoping this is some cruel early April fool’s joke.


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Second “Green Lantern: The Animated Series” Comic Collection Coming January 2014



Preliminary details for the next Green Lantern: The Animated Series trade paperback release, collecting six more issues from the current Green Lantern: The Animated Series monthly comic title, have been released by DC Comics. The collection Green Lantern: The Animated Series – Volume Two is set for a January 2014 release. The Green Lantern: The Animated Series comic title features stories which take place in continuity with the animated series source material. The early details for the next Green Lantern: The Animated Series trade paperback are available below.

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