Rumor: George Miller Wanted for “Green Lantern Corps” Movie


Fresh off the rumor that we’ll be getting three Earth lanterns in the upcoming (2020 is so far away!) GLC movie, comes the word that Warner Bros. has a director in mind. You may know him as the guy who was supposed to helm the original “Justice League” film that was scrapped years ago or maybe as the guy who directed the critical and commercial hit that was “Mad Max: Fury Road”. He is George Miller and he’s quite the SFX guru.


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Rumor: Hal Jordan, John Stewart and KYLE RAYNER to Feature in “Green Lantern Corps” Movie


2020 seems like a long time from now, but considering how long special effects take to get just right, it probably makes sense for Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment to narrow down some major details of the upcoming Green Lantern Corps film. We’re in 2016 and today, well today we have super hot rumor that the title already spoiled for you featuring 3 major Green Lanterns. And not the three you may have thought of.

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