Celebrating Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen with Dex-Starr’s Best Moments

Matt Fraction and Steve Lieber’s excellent 12 issue series Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen is coming to a close. We’re choosing our own special way of coping with this excruciating loss. How, you may ask? By reflecting on everyone’s favorite rage kitty, Dex-Starr! If there was a best supporting cat award, he’d sweep the season. Anyway, there will be spoilers…

Here are some completely out of context great times with a great cat.

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Still Hard Traveling with Dennis O’Neil

Industry legend Dennis O’Neil has passed. If you’re anywhere near my age, or even been alive the last few decades, he’s been the writer or contributed to… all of this. He’s been intimately involved with not just a golden age of Batman, he’s been there for like 8 golden ages for the character. You can’t shake a stick at a DC product mass produced and not poke something he was involved with. Not a name that any Joe or Jane on the street may know but for those of us who knew… we knew.

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It’s Time to Kill the DC Universe…Streaming Service

[Editor’s Note: The following article was written at a breakneck pace in order to get the point across. Please forgive any rambling. We don’t pay him for the quality, just the word count. Carry on!]

HBO Max is here baby! Granted, all the things people are really excited for are definitely not here yet, but that comes with patience. You’ll get your Friends, Gossip Girl, Boondocks and of course Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Eventually. Probably all by first quarter next year. While we wait for Greg Berlanti’s Green Lantern to kick into pre-production, can we address the elephant in the room? The DC Universe streaming service is making HBO looks BAD. We gotta kill it. Kill it now.

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Slot Tricks and Tips that Work

There’s a lot of advice claiming to help players win at online slots. But, the fact is, there is no real way to predict whether or not one of the slots gives more pay outs than another. There’s also no hard and fast way to know whether a player’s on the right track with the slots either. 

That’s because all slots are governed on a random number generator basis. The RNG determines when the slots pay out. However, there are things a player can do to help them play the slots to the best of their ability and improve their chances – learn more.

Get the best value from slots 

To get the best value for money when it comes to playing slots, it’s a good idea to first make sure that the online casino you’ll play with is reliable. Once that’s been determined, see if there are any that offer bonuses, and you can usually find a Casino with bonuses quite easily. The best ones to look out for includes any new welcome offer, and the 500 free spins offer. 

More often than not, an online casino will offer great bonuses like this to entice new customers and keep the loyal players happy. Go with the online casino that has the best Casino promotions to get the best value for your money and you can never go wrong with Bonus Spins offers either. 

It may sound obvious, but another thing to make sure of before you play with slots is make sure to choose one that you will really enjoy playing. A miraculous thing happens when you start doing things that you enjoy, you seem to get more lucky. In addition, if you’re having a lot of fun, even if you lose, you will have won. 

Always play online slots from a reputable source 

If you have found an online casino and the slots seem a bit too good to be true, research the online casino before you start to game with it. It’s seemingly becoming all too common for dummy Casino Games to pop up online and then before you know it you’ve fallen into the wrong online casino. It’s easy to research an online casino, so there’s no real reason to avoid it. 

When you have found the right online casino for you and you’re happy with the Ts and Cs, set yourself a time limit and monetary budget. Decide on how much of each you’re willing to spend and then stick to it. One of the easiest ways to ensure this is by setting a timer on your device so that it turns off when your time with slots is up. 

You can also automate your budget by keeping a separate account for slots or by creating a pot for them on your online banking app – many have this tool now. These slot tips and tricks really work, and limiting yourself to budgets and time frames won’t make slots less fun, but more enjoyable if anything.


What is Love? A Quick Dissection of the Relationship of Hal Jordan & Carol Ferris


It’s not often Carol Ferris is the star of an issue of Green Lantern. It’s not often that Hal Jordan spends a lot of time with her. These days he’s off being the great hero that he is and she’s…well, she’s whatever the latest writer wants her to be in that moment. Depending on what fan you talk to, that may be for the best or insanely frustrating. I’m pretty firmly on the latter side, however I want to take a look at the relationship between these two characters and put it under a microscope. How does it hold up compared to other hero/civilian relationships in the DCU? I’ll answer this question and some others that help me decipher these two characters, all while getting the opinions of comic creators to see where they land. Join us as I ramble on about your favorite test pilot and his boss.

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Top Ten Best Moments From Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps






I’m going to say it right now, Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps should go down as one of the best runs in all of Green Lantern history. Fifty issues filled to the brim with epic space confrontation, dramatic twist and turns, and friendships you never knew you wanted, but can get enough of. So now that it’s been some time since the conclusion, it’s time to countdown the ten best moments from the series. It should go without saying, but there will be spoilers ahead. Read at your own caution, enjoy.

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Top 10 Biggest Moments from Ron Marz’ Green Lantern Run


The 10 Biggest Moments from Ron Marz’ Green Lantern Run

From Green Lantern Vol. 3, #48 in January of 1994 all the way to #125 in June of 2000 (with a modicum of breaks along the way), Ron Marz was the Geoff Johns of that era of Green Lantern comics. There were ups, there were downs, there was crazy stuff, but always it was entertaining. Down to Earth more often than not, to where there’d be any sort of big space adventure, that’d be a big deal. I loved that. I admit, I would have never picked up an issue of Green Lantern had I not read in Wizard Magazine that “big stuff” was going on in the title. I picked up #50, backtracked a little from there, and the rest is history.

Let’s go down memory lane a little bit of some of the highlights of Ron Marz’ tenure as the gatekeeper of Green Lantern:

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Justice League: Mortal Script Review

Written by Eric Cahill


A few years back, rumors swirled that DC was just going to go ahead and do a goddamn Justice League movie. At some point they hired a director, hired all the actors, and spent millions getting it going (mostly due to legal stuff that is incredibly shady but still). But it seemed absurd! It seemed like it was created with the sole purpose of getting the attention of fanboy blogging and entertainment news soundbites. No way was this ever a project that was actually happening, no one was having these meetings, it was all some Bizarro PR campaign to promote Common’s album, who the hell knows. Of course, the project really was happening (until it suddenly wasn’t) and somehow the script really was written (and recently leaked). And believe it or not, it reads exactly as a script produced for a completely fake and completely weird PR campaign would read. I honestly couldn’t even have imagined exactly what that was until, Shazam, I read it. Let’s dig in. Spoilers ahoy.