Cartoon Network Says DC Nation will Return in January 2013

Today, many Green Lantern: The Animated Series and Young Justice fans were extremely upset. We told you earlier that Cartoon Network had pull the DC Nation block from its lineup for October. Now, after being pounded and pounded with fan response on both Twitter and Facebook, the network announced that the block will return…NEXT YEAR. DC Nation fans are still upset, but rejoice as this is not the end…yet. Cartoon Network seems to be operating on the whim with little regard to fans. As always, we’ll keep you updated.


2 Responses to “Cartoon Network Says DC Nation will Return in January 2013”

  1. kdebones

    ……….what the f*ck. If this is not a joke or some other crap, then this just sucks.

  2. Devilus

    What?! You just can’t to this with just airing 2 episodes after a huge hiatus. Its just madness in its purest form. Please tell me they arnt getting all amrvel on us now. Soon we’ll be hearing they will be replaceing the shows for more childish versions…argh I just can’t take this crap anymore!


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