“Best Of Warner Bros. 25 Cartoon Collection DC Comics” 3-Disc DVD Set Now Available


A three-disc set collecting an assortment of DC Comics-based cartoons from the the past 90 years is now available to own from Warner Home Video. The Best of Warner Bros. – 25 Cartoon Collection DC Comics three-disc set features episodes from different animated series including Justice League Unlimited, Superfriends, Batman: The Animated Series, among many others. The MSRP of the three-disc DVD collection is $26.99. Best of Warner Bros. – 25 Cartoon Collection DC Comics is part of the studio’s ongoing celebration of acknowledging its best properties. A collection of menu stills and package artwork images can be found below, along with an official description of the product, and more can be found courtesy of The World’s Finest.

Best of Warner Bros. – 25 Cartoon Collection DC Comics

Product Description:A collection of classics in a league of their own! It’s a heroic hall of fame as all your favorite DC Comics crime fighters are here in an all-new 3-disc collection that bursts from the Warner Bros. vault! Legendary heroes, infamous villains and daring deeds await as Superman confronts old enemies in “Little Big Head,” Batman battles to take back Gotham City in “Legends of the Dark Knight” and the Justice League suit up for adventure to battle “Chaos at the Earth’s Core.” Victory is sure to be yours with 25 action-packed episodes that helped contribute to 90 Years of Warner Bros. cartoon magic, It’s a timeless celebration with something for every hero of your family!

Superman (A.K.A. The Mad Scientist)
The Bride of Darkseid, Part 1
The Bride of Darkseid, Part 2
The Death of Superman
The Seeds of Doom
Mad Love
Legends of the Dark Knight
Heavy Metal
Little Big Head
Out of the Past
For the Man Who Has Everything
The Doomsday Sanction
Chaos at the Earth’s Core
Epilogue (Batman Beyond tie-in)
The Streaky Story
Man of Tomorrow
The Golden Age of Justice!
Revenge of the Reach!
Clash of the Metal Men!
Independence Day






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