Green Lantern Rebirth Part 2 Starring Jessica Cruz? Rumor Has It


There are plenty of things going around on the movie side of things as we inch closer and closer to the premiere of Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. Meanwhile, we’ve reached a point where DC Comics has ended the “DC You” movement and now prepares for the “Rebirth. What is it? No one outside of Dan Didio, Geoff Johns and Jim Lee truly knows but we’ll attempt to give you a decent look at what’s to come.

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How superhero movies have completely revolutionized the fortunes of Hollywood over the last 10 years

Generally credited as starting in 1920, when a swashbuckling Douglas Fairbanks wowed audiences in The Mark of Zorro, the superhero movie has gone through many incarnations over the decades. Some fans see it as really having kicked off in 1941, with the first onscreen demonstration of truly superhuman powers in Adventures of Captain Marvel, but all agree that the recent wave, beginning with X-Men in 1999, has played a crucial role in reshaping the film industry. Now that there’s something exciting to look forward to every other month, it’s time to take a look at how that happened.

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Green Lantern’s Very Own Slot Game


Slot games are becoming more and more arcade-like. In the past, casinos only had slot machines that featured static images and mechanical reels. Now, slot games are more advanced, providing groundbreaking graphics and superhero-themed game play that promises interactive and immersive action with every spin.

In Green Lantern’s slot game on InterCasino, Sinestro is terrorizing the Coast City and only you, the player, can stop him. By using Green Lantern’s will and ever-powerful ring, you can put an end to Sinestro’s destruction and get rewarded greatly for your efforts.

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What Superhero would make the Best Gambler?

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Well comic book fans it’s time to answer the question we all know you have been thinking about!  Which super hero would be the best gambler!  We have decided to have a look at this and here’s what we came up with

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Two Comic Movies I Would Like to See Made

Everyone is still buzzing about The Avengers movie and everything connected to the film is getting all kinds of hype, including things as obscure as the Iron Man flash casino game online. While I enjoyed The Avengers, I am ready to move on to the next big comic book movie. There are still a bunch of stories I would love to see on the big screen and below are the two live action movies I would love to see made.

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Green Lantern movie premieres!

“Green Lantern” has opened in theatres across the world and GL fans everywhere finally have gotten the chance to see their favorite superhero on the big screen… that’s the good news. The bad news is that the movie has been largely critically panned, its Rotten Tomatoes rating fluctuating all the way down between 20% and 25%. Comparisons are coming up to “Catwoman” and “Wolverine.” Box office results are coming in from the first weekend, placing it as underperforming, behind Thor and behind X-Men: First Class’s first weekends.

Who and what is to blame? A variety of factors are being assessed, some that the movie was overproduced and “made by committee,” and others suggest that fingers can be pointed directly at Geoff Johns, “who also writes the Green Lantern comics and was integrally involved (reputedly even the deciding vote) on every big decision. And he’s respected but also controversial in some quarters” (from Deadline). The script that existed before Geoff came aboard and the shooting script that was arrived at after his involvement was dramatically different, so no matter how the chips fall it seems reasonable that he must carry some portion of the blame.

I personally saw the film last night with objective eyes (not, you know, “I’m looking for things they got WRONG from the COMICS!” because that’s silly) and enjoyed it. It’s a fun, if flawed, little introduction to the world of GL. What seemed lacking to me was a bigger buildup to the Parallax fight at the end, a strong score, and I don’t know… a bigger sense of “wow!”

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Interview with Artist Justiniano

The following is an interview with artist Josue Justiniano or better known as just Justiniano who provides the art for two issues of the DC Universe title Doom Patrol, both of which tie-into BLACKEST NIGHT. Brought to you by the Green Lantern Spotlight Podcast.

Green Lantern Spotlight: Thanks for taking the time to do this, it means a lot. How about we start off with your start in the comics industry? Take us through the journey.

Justiniano: Growing up, I had no knowledge about anything called the “comic industry”; nor care for that fact. Comic properties like Superman, Batman, Spiderman, and The Hulk, were just part of life like having Frosted Flakes in the morning. You don’t question those things when you’re a kid, you just know they’re there in the morning and expect them the following one…

As far as how I came to grab a pencil to draw these characters, I have no recollection how it started, it was simply there when I noticed. I do believe most of my earlier images came from television; scenes I had seen in a film or serial. My earliest memory of any drawing, is one of the Lone Ranger my father drew for me before heading to work, and since he was in a rush, he drew him with his arms behind him to save some time. That wasn’t enough for me, so I added ropes to show that he was tied up. I was probably 3 or 4.

Comics were just there, and I read them often when I was able to get them. I never paid attention to who drew them, nor wrote them. I just enjoyed getting absorbed by them. If my memories are correct, I think that the first comic to simply blow my mind, was the first issue of Crisis on Infinite Earths. It had a million different characters in it, and the notion that there were hundreds of different versions of Superman and The Flash was completely amazing to me. After that, I wanted to know more, and even more importantly, the urge to create, create, create, had been ignited and I would draw, draw, draw until my eyes and fingers burned. Even still, I never had any plans to work in comics. For me, it was something I just loved doing.

Fast forward about 10 years or so, I attended my second comic convention and met the creators of the now defunct Chaos! Comics, who were on tour to promote their infant company. I learned that their next stop the following weekend was a comic store not too far from my hometown in Connecticut. For some reason or another, I dared to make some samples based on the first few pages of Evil Ernie and when they came around, I gave them copies. I did not hear from them for a while, but eventually, they put up a talent search ad in one of their comics and I sent them the same exact copies I previously gave them. Few days after, publisher Brian Pulido assigned me what became my first published piece.

A few months after that, on the same store, I met a young fellow who claimed he worked at Marvel, and insisted that I showed my stuff to the editor he worked under. For some reason I believed him and sent some stuff out to Marc McLaurin. It worked out, because he called me back a few days after, and hooked me up with an issue of What If…?

That’s how pretty much I broke in. No plans; just happened…

GLS: You’re working with Keith Giffin on Doom Patrol for a few issues. What’s your relationship like with him?

J: I’m working on those issues simply because editor Liz Gehrlein called me up and ask me if I wanted to cover those issues for regular guy Matthew Clark. I said “Hell yeah. I dig the DP!”. That project has been tons of fun, and it hasn’t been the first time I’ve worked with Keith on something. I penciled over his breakdowns on 52, and I drew two chapters of the Doctor Occult back story for Reign In Hell, which he wrote. I’m also drawing over his breakdowns on DP, to say the least. As far as a relationship, we’ve spoken on the phone a couple of times, and exchange a couple of emails as well. He’s a “straight to the point” kind of guy, or so I got from our interaction. I found him very pleasant and very smart. I think he really knows what he’s talking about.


GLS: So what brought you to do these two issues? Was it the zombie-like aspect, or just the chance to draw Elasti-Girl and Negative Man?


J: I’ve drawn the DP previously, if only briefly, and I really wanted to draw Robotman. I mean, the fact that it involved the Blackest Night bit, did not hurt that decision, sure, but I jumped on it because it was simply The Doom Patrol. It could have been DP vs The Possessed Pink Bunnies from Hell, and I still would have agreed to do it. You can never go wrong with zombies either. Rotting, flesh eating ghouls are a passion of mine, anyway…


GLS: Artistically I hope…If you don’t mind me asking, are you DC Comics exclusive? When can we expect more Justiniano art in the DCU?


J: I’ve been under contract with DC since my run on Day of Vengeance, and as far as any DCU stuff after DP, I’m knee deep into a Wonder Womangraphic novel, which I put away to cover some issues of The Spirit and of course, Doom Patrol. Now that DP is done, I’m jumping back into it. That little stunt will keep me busy and out of sight for a few more months easily. I really need to put my whole energy into into it, since I think it will be a fine piece of work and very challenging for me.


GLS: With Doom Patrol jumping into the Blackest Night extravaganza, there will be lots of new readers to the title. What can we expect in these two issues from you and Keith? Do you have a favorite scene you’ve drawn in the series thus far?


J: I hope that more readers jump into the book. The DP has got many runs, and besides the Grant Morrison days, it hasn’t stuck very long, which I find sort of sad, since they have so much potential. What I’ve read from Keith so far, has been great, and if readers allow him to bring the goods, I’m sure they won’t regret it.


Surely, I cannot spill the beans on really what’s happening overall with what Keith, myself, and the whole creative team have in store for those two issues, but expect a good read. I still can’t believe just how much fun stuff was wrapped in just two issues! Surprisingly, as much as I enjoyed the Robotman sequence, I really loved working on the Elasti-Woman pages the best. It’s not everyday I get to draw a giant, nevertheless a fine looking one fighting a hurricane. Also, the cliffhanger from issue one should shock readers. Or not. Who knows. I hope so.


GLS: Any indie projects you’re working on? Anything you want to plug or promote?


J: Nope, no side projects for me at the moment, though I’ve been brainstorming personal ones in and outside comics.


GLS: Thank you for your time, its been great.
Be sure to read Doom Patrol #4 and #5 by Keith Giffen and Justiniano, this November and December.