Jessica and Baz for “Green Lantern Corps” movie?

Possible leaks suggest that Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz may, in fact, be the Lanterns starring in the “Lethal Weapon-like” film, “Green Lantern Corps” (which, if true, smell strongly of the involvement of Geoff Johns). The leaks suggest they are in search of Hal Jordan, who has been missing since the events of the Justice League movie:

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Green Lantern to Receive Ultraviolet Makeover

The Emotional Magnetic Spectrum consists of nine colors and each unique color has a corresponding emotion. Each is also assigned a specific energy field and the whole thing is overseen by Lantern Corps. Following on from events in Dark Nights Metal, namely the Source Wall breach, DC Comics has announced that they are adding a tenth color to the spectrum – ultraviolet.

This new portion of the spectrum will be entrusted to none other than John Stewart, the current Green Lantern, not the TV host. Along with the announcement, DC released some cover art for the new issues. This art, by Jorge Jimenez, features Stewart with his new ring in place and the ultraviolet logo.

New Storyline

The new storyline revolves around Stewart learning of the ultraviolet power and learning how to properly wield it. He will be unleashing his new abilities alongside many stalwarts of the Justice League, with the Flash, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman all appearing. Issue 3 will see the Justice League investigating the scene of the Source Wall fragment. Along the way they will encounter hordes of monsters, and, according to DC, they will face “a pair of longtime archenemies using stolen Atom technology to literally get under [the League’s] skin.”

The subsequent issue will expand upon this ultraviolet story, but DC remains cagey about their long-term plans for the plotline. Whether Stewart will become just one of many Ultraviolet Lanterns, or whether this will make him split off to form his own superhero team, remains up in the air. What we do know is that he is the first who will wield this new power, and the indications so far are that Stewart will remain in this state for some time.

Given the scope of the Dark Multiverse, there is every chance that we will be introduced to new sectors and other areas for the Lanterns to keep watch over.

Green Lantern

Green is the best known of the Lantern Corps in the DC Universe, but there are others. Green is represented by the force of willpower and it is wielded by the Oans, a race of beings who act as Guardians of the Universe, combating evil throughout the cosmos.

How to Read the New Issues

Comic book stores are becoming harder to find, leading an increasing number of readers to switch to digital formats. There has even been attempts made to establish a new digital format of comics which takes advantage of the medium. If you buy your comics digitally, they are much easier to backup, so you don’t have to worry about losing your collection. If you were to suffer data loss, a service like Secure Data Recovery could still help you retrieve everything in most cases.

When Green Lantern: Rebirth was written, it established the existence of the rest of the spectrum. Among the rest of the spectrum are Red Lanterns, who naturally signify anger and rage. Yellow Lanterns are represented by fear, while Orange is associated with green, and blue with hope. The exact nature of the ultraviolet part of the spectrum is yet to be established.


What does a Green Lantern do on his or her day off?


What Does a Green Lantern Do on Their Days Off?

Have you ever wondered what superheroes do when they’re not fighting crime or saving the universe? It’s not something that gets covered in comic book stories and movies very often, because all the emphasis is on the protagonist’s battles with evil and his or her internal struggles with their own personal demons. Do they even have time for a day off here and there? Of course, reading about the day Wonder Woman read a great book, or watching a Green Lantern cataloguing his stamp collection wouldn’t make the most riveting story, but surely there must be more to their lives than the unending stress of getting Earth out of yet another tricky situation that spells doom for the human race?

They must have other things to do, surely?

If you’re thinking that superheroes obviously must do other things in their spare time, see if you can name any. Have a search on Google and discover the almost complete lack of any information on how the saviors of the human race kick back and relax. In the Lego movie, Justice League vs the Bizarro League, the Flash does ask for some ideas for things to do because he’s bored, and has a go at hobbies like ice sculpture and North American bird calls, but then these only take him seconds to master and he doesn’t seem able to slow down and stop moving at the speed of light!

Green Lantern could be a secret Pokémon addict

Given that there are a great many different Green Lanterns in the universe stretching back a fair way into history, it could be argued that it’s perfectly possible that one of them may have got hooked on Japanese pocket monsters, but there’s no evidence that any of the human lanterns ever have. In asking a question like “What does a Green Lantern do on his days off?“, you immediately hit a problem because unlike Superman or Batman, Green Lantern is a title held by a series of different people. These lanterns have all had their own unique personalities, so obviously there’s no simple answer. But if you know your lanterns, you could make a pretty educated guess:

* Hal Jordan: Being the definitive hero type, Hal would probably be happiest using his leadership skills to crack the fiendishly cunning challenge of the Escape Room St Louis. With the kind of life he’s had to lead, giving his brain a rest is likely to be an alien concept, and figuring out a mystery puzzle might be just the kind of challenge he would consider to be a relaxing diversion.

* Guy Gardner: Although his persona has shifted a few times over the years, Guy has always had an impressive ego, so a show-off sport like snowboarding could be right up his street. Showing off his skills on the half-pipe with a few ollies and a poptart would suit his style to a tee.

If you know anything about the hobbies and pastimes of any of the Green Lanterns, spread the word – there are a lot of interested fans out there waiting to hear more!


Who will play Hal Jordan?

Speculation continues to rage across forums and social media as to which Hollywood star will play Hal Jordan in the upcoming Green Lantern Corps movie. It is slated for 2020 and focuses on the Green Lanterns of Earth – Jordan, Kyle Rayner, John Stewart and Guy Gardner – as they battle the Sinestro Corps and their yellow power rings. The Jordan role will be central to the story and several leading lights are in the running to land this exciting part. Here are the top contenders:

Tom Cruise

The big rumor this month is that studio execs are trying to convince Oscar-winning filmmaker Christopher McQuarrie to direct this movie. The last Green Lantern film did not the commercial success they hoped for, so they are taking no chances with the reboot and they are hell-bent on securing the best talent available. McQuarrie fits the bill, as he has made a success of various Mission: Impossible and Jack Reacher blockbusters. If the studio bosses convince him to sign on the dotted line it could provide an added and most welcome bonus: Tom Cruise. The superstar action man has worked with McQuarrie on a range of films, including Valkyrie as well as Mission: Impossible and Jack Reacher instalments, so they clearly respect one another and enjoy working together. Cruise has played all manner of high-profile roles over the years, but he has never been a superhero, and Green Lantern Corps could allow him to scratch that itch.

Jake Gyllenhaal

Gyllenhaal’s star continues to rise as he stars in big-money blockbusters and quirky, critically acclaimed movies. When high-profile roles like Hal Jordan or Batman are up for grabs, his name is typically near the top of the list with bookmakers, so you will see it if you check for odds on favorites. Several sources with inside information on the movie say Gyllenhaal is on the shortlist of candidates, and he certainly has the star quality and acting skills to pull if off with aplomb.

Ryan Reynolds

Could Reynolds be tempted back to reprise the role of Jordan that he played in 2011? Stranger things have happened. He was burned by the failure of the 2011 movie and he has since gone on to enjoy greater acclaim in the Deadpool franchise, but he could be intrigued by the possibility of making a strong Green Lantern movie as a cathartic exercise. He said recently: “Deadpool always knew what it was. With Green Lantern, I don’t think anyone ever figured out exactly what it was. That isn’t to say the hundreds of men and women didn’t work their fingers to the bone to make it as good as possible. It also fell victim to the process in Hollywood, which is like poster first, release date second, script last. At the time, it was a huge opportunity for me so I was excited to try and take part in it.” That is not exactly a promising indictment, but never say never.

Bradley Cooper

Cooper is a four-time Oscar nominee so he would bring a huge dose of credibility to the role, and he also has blockbuster pedigree. Aside from voicing Rocket Racoon in Guardians of the Galaxy, he has never starred in a superhero movie. He could be swayed by a cracking script and the chance to boost his profile further, as there is a chance that a new superhero universe will be spawned if Green Lantern Corps takes off, while Green Lantern could also cross over into Justice League. There are other leading candidates, including Armie Hammer and Joel McHale, but Cooper stands out as a bigger name.


Tom Cruise for Hal Jordan in the GLC movie? Chris McQuarrie directing?


Making the rounds in movie news this week is that Chris McQuarrie being courted to direct the “Green Lantern Corps” movie… and Tom Cruise might be on the short list (no pun intended) of actors targeted for playing an older, more experienced Hal Jordan to a younger, new recruit John Stewart.

Maybe 10, 15 years ago would be ideal, but wouldn’t he be a picture perfect Hal Jordan? And if he’s a little nutty… perfect. He can go full-Parallax.

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How Do Superheroes & Comic Books Change Our Society

Unfortunately, the society that people live in these days is not always as a positive element. People are constantly surrounded by negative information and violence that they see either on TV or online. It seems that the world is heading in a direction that is not beneficial at all for the future generations. Even cartoons are starting to feature inappropriate images for kids. However, there are still a few factors that could change society and make it a better place.

Superheroes and comic books are two elements that will always be present in the life of people. They have been around for years, and many people all over the world are grateful for that. Even though this might seem like a childish idea to some, superheroes might become the only savior for the following generations. More and more people should be aware of the importance of superheroes and comic books. Some of the advantages that they provide are listed below.

1. They Influence Children

Superheroes should be present in the life of kids ever since they are young. They can teach little children how to support others and develop good morals. Furthermore, kids who identify with superheroes from comic books are encouraged to find solutions and courage to deal with real-life situations. At the same time, superheroes teach kids an important lesson: being different is a good thing. This fact allows kids not to get lost in an imaginary world. Psychologists who did research about this topic informed us that superheroes are in fact like real people, once they take off their costumes. Therefore, they are more like a child-friendly version of a role model.

2. They Raise Awareness

Even though comic books are not taken seriously in some countries, a lot more people need to realize the positive impacts that they can have on our society. These days, comic books are seen as an entertainment factor. However, if you pay attention when reading a comic book, they will realize that they raise awareness on aspects of life that most people would consider irrelevant. They raise awareness of gender stereotyping, the dangers of using nuclear weapons or other natural disasters. Besides that, these days it is easy to make people aware of different aspects with the help of the internet. A YouTube banner creator informs your visitors about your channel. The whole design process is quick, simple to customize and free.

3. They Provide Innovative Education

Even though it was mentioned earlier that comic books and superheroes can have a great impact on the development of small kids, it is good to remember that they also provide innovative education. Not only kids can benefit from reading comic books. They provide real-life lessons for both teenagers and adults. Japan has already introduced comic books in their education system. That’s a normal aspect considering the great deal of motivation and self-help that one can find in such a book. Today’s society could benefit from the help of comic books. Adults and people of all ages could learn the importance of helping other people in need or trying to eliminate negative information from all media.

In conclusion, superheroes and comic books are not only entertainment sources for kids. They have a lot of benefits for our society and future generations.


The Return of Parallax? Bet on It


I’m not necessarily a betting man, but if I was… I would bet that one day, somehow some way, Hal Jordan will once again be Parallax. Wait, I don’t mean the space parasite or Living Incarnation of Fear kind (and certainly not the movie kind, either), I mean the Parallax that was actually driven to kill some Green Lanterns (not the Guardians, though… I don’t know why he keeps getting the rap for that… they clearly suicided right in front of him and it’s like two decades later and people still think that he did).

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Warriors Bar…and More?

Do you ever wonder if Guy’s Warrior’s bar (probably the Oa one) ever had a casino in it? If it did have one, what would it be like? Would it have slots? Traditional American card games? Would it include alien forms of gambling, or would Guy pretty much want it to be a recreation of what he remembers and probably loved on Earth? Would that even be something the Guardians would condone?

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