Red Lantern Atrocitus Revealed as New Character for Injustice 2 Videogame




The sequel to the Netherealms game studio take on the DCU will be making a return to home consoles in 2017, and it looks like a certain Red Lantern will join the battle.

Focusing on the aspect that you readers want, Atrocitus makes his fighting game debut and oh boy does he look angry! Looking closer at the trailer it’s awesome that Atrocitus will in fact have the infamous red vomit as an attack and it looks like the Red Lantern entity The Butcher will also be joining the fight as well. Hopefully this doesn’t mean that Sinestro won’t be apart of Injustice 2 because he was super fun to play as. Expect more news about Injustice until the games release in 2017.





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