Artist Howard Porter Briefly Discusses Justice League 3000 Character Designs


We know its been pushed back to December. We know it has had some artist controversy. So lets get past all the negative and focus on the current, shall we? The new artist on Justice League 3000 is Howard Porter and while speaking with Newsarama, he gave some brief descriptions of how the designs came together for this future Green Lantern and his teammates.


They’re the big five from the Justice League, but in the future. The approach to the designs was that it’s a somewhat dystopian, dark future, yet these are the heroes we know from the current DCU. But they had to look a little bit different because of the setting.


It was tricky to do the designs, because they still had to be recognizable. You still had to be able to tell who they were, but you had to be able to tell something was off.


There was more direction on the individual characters, but some of the choices that I made in the original designs, if I tell you why… it would probably give away some of the surprises.

Porter on designing this Batman:

Yeah, I initially drew Batman like Frank Miller’s version of Batman in Dark Knight Returns, with that big, clunky armor, but more of a futuristic version of that, and the utility belt and everything. And they said it looked too much like the current version of Batman. So they said to go more like Batman Beyond — younger, slimmer than the Frank Miller one.


And that influenced my design overall, because I looked at what Batman Beyond looked like. And I brought in the red with the black.

Wonder Woman (and her pants!):

Yeah, there are reasons that she looks like that. I had brief descriptions of each character, and I think if I told you what that’s all about, it might spoil all the fun. She’s got her lasso tied around her arm, swinging, like, a star type thing. But I’ll tell you that the design doesn’t necessarily mean it will always be a star. There’s more to the image than you know. There’s more to their abilities in the future than you’re seeing in these images.


And of course, she’s supposed to come across a little more gritty than we’ve seen her before.

Oh yeah, here’s Porter on Green Lantern:

Yeah, I tried to make him look kind of like The Spectre, sort of. And again, I’d hate to spoil the story. But with Green Lantern and Flash and all the characters, the thing to keep in mind is that these are the Justice League we know, but they’re different. And there’s a reason they’re different.


Another thing I can probably reveal to you is that these costumes aren’t actually cloth. Keith has this idea about the future, and the way their costumes would be constructed.


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