All will be Well

  I have to admitt, with my selling off pretty much my entire collections (save Green Lantern of the few of course). It does make me wonder if my comic reading days are truly at an end. In the last few days, I’ve realized, they really aren’t. Granted, I’m getting rid of everything pretty much to pay off bills so the wife and I can start saving for a new place to live while I seek other career oppurtunities. However, the fan boy in me is stronger than ever. My family and friends are truly shocked by what I’m doing but they understand why I’m doing it. What is very interesting is how much this frees me up to bring something new into my reading life. I’m still with Green Lantern, Brightest Day is added to my pull list. Flash is relaunching, I’m returning to Avengers after The Seige is over. I’m having fun working on this blog and Spider-Girl’s World and I have a comic Elibrary in the early stages of building. This allows me to branch out into some new ground and see just where I truly lie at this stage in my life with comics.
  I mean I’m married now, I have other interests, I’m trying to move out of the duplex and into a much spaceous area and we’re talking kids. Things are a lot more expansive nows than back in 1994 when I returned to the comic reading universe. The point is finding that happy middle where you’re still reading what you enjoy but not breaking the bank or running out of space again. Right now, I believe I’m heading into a more enjoyable time in my life that will keep Green Lantern burning bright along with related titles. If things every came down to it, I would stick with Green Lantern no matter what, even if it was the only title I was reading. So, to quote a Blue Lantern: “All will be Well.”

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  1. Marc

    I made the tough decision to order everything I read via dcbservice.com and I only get one monthly shipment to save on costs. I had been goign to my local comic shop for years but this way I can spend the same amount I normally spend and I didn't have to cut out much of my reading. Let me know if you want to chat about it marc.salazar@gmail.com


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