‘Absolute Carnage’ Writer Donny Cates Turns Down ‘Green Lantern Corps’ Alongside Grant Morrison Offer

Just a small tidbit here for you fans out there. Marvel writer and the latest comics standout, Donny Cates had an impromptu meeting with top DC Comics brass and was apparently offered three titles, including one near and dear to us lantern fans.

While speaking at TerrifiCon, Cates had this to say about the situation:

“…in that office was Jim Lee, [Dan] Didio, Bob Harrass, and like Brian Cunningham. They had assembled like an emergency war room. I got in there and they closed the door. And I thought, ‘Oh, its going down right now.’ ….And for whatever reason, Didio had a stack of hundreds on his desk. I’m not exaggerating. I’m not making that up. I don’t know if it was subtle mind craft or if he was gonna mind **** me, thinking I could get rich. There was really like a stack of a few G’s on his desk! I was just staring at it. It was never brought up. It was never talked about. I had a feeling it was like a hundred on top and then Monopoly tens that Didio keeps in his desk drawer whenever he has a big meeting…But yeah, they offered me…The offer was Constantine, and Green Lantern Corps alongside Grant. And whenever Tom [King] wrapped up, I was gonna do Batman….but I wasn’t done at Marvel.”

Here are the takeaways from this quote, outside of Didio being reckless with his mula:

  1. DC Comics has publishing room for another Green Lantern book and they are willing it to do (with the right writer).
  2. Batman is STILL THEE offer for comic writers.
  3. Donny Cates is officially on Lantern Watch. If we can get Morrison, then the sky is the limit on who’ll pen the next great chapter of lantern comics.

Check out the full audio of the panel from TerrifiCon here.

2 Responses to “‘Absolute Carnage’ Writer Donny Cates Turns Down ‘Green Lantern Corps’ Alongside Grant Morrison Offer”

  1. Trey Strain

    They need to put Guy in a space comic but not call it “Green Lantern Corps,” because that’s the kiss of death. And they need put Hal on Earth, with his supporting cast.

    First though, Guy needs to get back at Batman once and for all.

  2. Trey Strain

    They should look at putting Arisia, Alan and Jade in the comic too. But not Baz or Cruz!


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