Absolute Blackest Night ReSolicited with Green Lantern Issues Minus John Stewart

In January, DC Comics announced that the Geoff Johns written event story, Blackest Night would be collected in the prestigious Absolute Edition format. That’s quite an achievement, and it definitely got the lantern readers talking. Unfortunately, a lot of that talk was about how the usually must have collection would not collect the just as important Green Lantern issues, also written by Johns, that ran simultaneously with Blackest Night.

Now, DC has listened to your complaints and have added the missing issues of Green Lantern! The catch is that it skips justone issue. That one issue stars the oft-overlooked John Stewart.



Geoff Johns has had much success with Hal Jordan over the years but has always fought criticism for leaving out John Stewart. When this issue was released, it was a long time coming for Johns to focus on the character. To be left out of a huge collection AFTER a resolicitation that now includes 22 issues is simply unbelievable. Especially when one of those issues is so unimportant to the plot that most readers had forgotten its existence, and another one is simply a “Director’s Cut” of another issue in the same collection. There has to be a legitimate reason for John…getting shafted. I just wish I saw it.

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    […] Just to be clear, I’m very pleased with the way things for John have been going most recently. I give Bernard Chang, Van Jensen, and Marcelo Maiolo -the current creative team on “Green Lantern Corps”- all the credit in the world for bringing out the best in John. However, this is unfortunately an isolated and unusual incident, so to speak. If we look back through recent history, John Stewart was doing nothing of note, moping about how sad he was, or getting screwed over in some way. I’d like to direct your attention to this article on thegreenlanterncorps.com that documents one such instance of his being screwed over, to give you an example in order to show this isn’t just all in my head. Link. […]


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