8-Page White Lantern Kyle Rayner Story Featured in DC Comics “New Talent Showcase”


Announced today with a November 30th release date, the DC Comics $7.99 priced New Talent Showcase will feature the work of writers from DC’s Writers Workshop Pilot Program, a 13-week program held January through March 2016. The artists featured in this issue are also products of the DC Comics Artist Workshop program. Good news for us lantern fans, we get a Kyle Rayner story in this! Check below for words from the writer and the first page of the short story featuring art by The Omega Men artist Barnaby Bagenda.

The title of the short story is “White Lantern: Dead Beacons” and it will be written by Michael Moreci. He’s written a few series for Image Comics but as the terms of the DC Workshop say, he has no prior work with DC and its characters. As previously stated, Barnaby Bagenda and Romulo Fajardo Jr. are the artist and colorist respectively.


“I’ve always been fascinated by space—the adventures, the exploration and taking the human story and pitting it against the unknown. Since I was a kid, Green Lantern has always resonated with me, but it was Kyle’s story that hit a major chord with me. I love how relatable he is, but he’s still driven by nobility and courage. He faces all those things I love about space with a set of eyes that feel like my own.”–Michael Moreci

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