MINE! Green Lantern Slots Machine Rewards?

Still in the vein of talking about a Green Lantern casino, what do you guys think about a Green Lantern Corps-themed slot machine (in our own world, of course)? What would it look like, and how would it work?

I think the knee-jerk reaction would be, you know, a big image of Larfleeze holding his Orange Lantern right smack on the front of the slot machine… you just keep putting money into the thing and it keeps yelling, “MINE!” back at you, over and over again. And how annoying that would be. No, I’m imagining like a slot machine in a casino, maybe 4 of them, each personality-specific to the main 4 iconic Green Lanterns (sorry, Alan). Then, hey, if one were feeling charitable, there could be another slot machine elsewhere in the casino for Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz. Like, way elsewhere in the casino buried in between other slots.
If one were to bestow the actual personalities of the Green Lanterns onto the slot machines in terms of payouts, I’d imagine Hal would consistently pay out… very modest sums of money. But consistently. Guy’s machine, you would just keep pumping money into it and never winning… until you do, and it’s a big payout… but then you ultimately realize you just spent more in the machine than you actually just got back. John, a whole lot of nothing for a time, then BAM, a decent amount back (equating to about you breaking even). A Kyle slot machine, you would probably sit at it for hours and nothing… and just when you’re about ready to leave, you press that button one last time and JACKPOT

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