30 Day Green Lantern Challenge


Can you complete the challenge? 30 days straight of all things Green Lantern that are most important to you. Do you have the willpower? Hit the jump to see the list and head to the GLCMB, Twitter or Tumblr to complete your challenges!

Day 1: First Green Lantern Comic

Day 2: Favorite Green Lantern Moment

Day 3: Favorite Green Lantern Construct

Day 4: Favorite Male Green Lantern

Day 5: Favorite Female Green Lantern

Day 6: Favorite Alien Green Lantern

Day 7: Favorite Movie with Green Lantern

Day 8: Best Supervillain

Day 9: Favorite Lantern Couple

Day 10: Favorite Lantern Buddies

Day 11: Favorite Non-Green Lantern

Day 12: Saddest Moment

Day 13: Best Fight

Day 14: Favorite Green Lantern: The Animated Series Character

Day 15: Best Non-Lantern Supporting Character

Day 16: Favorite Green Lantern Writer

Day 17: Favorite Green Lantern Artist

Day 18: Favorite Lantern Corps

Day 19: Most Shocking Moment

Day 20: Favorite Green Lantern: The Animated Series Episode

Day 21: Comics, Games, Animation or Movie

Day 22: Favorite Green Lantern Story

Day 23: Most Underrated Lantern

Day 24: Most Memorable Death

Day 25: Most Essential Lantern Story

Day 26: Funniest Moment

Day 27: Favorite Team Up

Day 28: Favorite Animated Version

Day 29: Least Favorite Lantern

Day 30: Favorite Green Lantern Series

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